My husband and I visited yesterday and initially were the only ones at the bar.  Sheila was very friendly and explained all the wines in detail  We have visited about 42 of the wineries thus far in MN.  I will tell you we loved more wines at this little hidden treasure than any other winery we have visited in MN.  We bought 6 bottles of various kinds as well as did the tastings galore and brought home two souvenior glasses.  If you haven’t visited this quaint little winery you are missing something special!!  Aside from the winery Sheila and James have full time jobs and also care for “special needs” individuals in their home.  Now if that isn’t a class act then I don’t know what is.”  Please visit and suppport this winery so it can stay competitive with the oldies out there that could benefit from  visiting JPV and witness how to  treat customers like they are part of your family.  Four star rating for sure!!!


Susan Boege, via email May, 10, 2015